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Registration Hints and Tips:

Know your Enrollment!

  • Full-Time (FT) enrollment is for students who are enrolled at BOHS as their main high school.
  • Dual-enrollment (DE) is for students who are enrolled at another high school as their main high school but are taking additional classes with BOHS.
  • Dual Credit (DC) courses are classes for which students receive both high school and college credit.

Be sure you are filling out the appropriate registration form!  

If you have questions about your registration or enrollment, contact our registrar Mrs. Owen at 208-525-4466.


New BOHS Students who have NEVER enrolled in a District 93 school (Must fill out BOTH links)

New BOHS Students who have been previously enrolled in a District 93 school 

New BOHS Students enrolling in the Williamsburg Program (Must fill out BOTH registrations)