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23-24 Course Description Booklet

District Course Description Booklet

BOHS Course List

BOHS Course List

BOHS Course Evaluation Worksheet

BOHS Course Evaluation Worksheet


Class Choice Registration Instructions

Opening Class Choice Instructions:

  1. Go to Classlink
  2. Class on Choice Icon
  3. You will need to enter username:(4x4 from your email) and your password: Student ID #

How to Choose Your Schedule:

  1. On the left in the box that says Requests, click ADD CORE. Please add one class in each section. Class choice will automatically add the 2nd or 3rd trimester when appropriate. If you do not add one in each section, you cannot continue to electives. When complete, click submit.
  2. Step 2: Add electives; choose a drop-down for electives in your grade level, college level, and tech school. Any combination is allowed. Submit occasionally and watch your progress, as the red bar in the middle of your screen will turn green. The total on the top will tell you how many you will still need to add. If you get a red warning saying you are over selected, please delete some of your electives.
  3. Please select two credits in the alternate sections. These credits should be different electives from what you selected above.
  4. When you finish, please look over your progress. Your classes will automatically save.

Class Choice opens in the Spring and closes on the 3rd Friday in May.

Any students who have not completed their requests will have classes selected for them.