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Explore the Learning Options

Our Learning Options

Bonneville Online High School offers different options/tiers of support to fit the needs and learning style of your student.

1. Fully Online

In this option, students complete courses fully online at home and are not required to attend in the school. This is supported by teachers who offer tutoring office hours via Google Meet. Completing the final at school may be required.

2. Blended Learning Student

A blended learning student is a student who attends our school in person during designated hours. They can access teachers via tutoring/mentoring via in-person or meet during teacher office hours. They will sign in when they first arrive, as their attendance is tracked and monitored.

3. Lite Program

"Lite Program" student is a student who attends school in a teacher-supervised classroom during their designated school hours set by the administration upon admittance into our school. A student in this program will have their attendance tracked and will work with teachers closely to monitor their progress. Teachers will check in during their office hours to offer support/help in their subjects to aid students. They will receive study skills credit if they meet their required attendance hours. Students also have the option to access school lunch in this program.

*In all learning options, students may move ahead early and finish a class within the first six weeks. Once finished with their final, they may ask the school counselor to add another class so they can work towards early graduation or an associate degree.