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Embrace the Climb

Embrace the Climb

We are excited for every student to "Embrace the Climb" at BOHS. Feel the enthusiasm as you reach the summit of your high school career.


What is your next step?

Every senior will have their name put on an "Embrace the Climb" whiteboard at the BOHS building. Let us know when you decide your "next step" after high school and we will fill it out on the board. We will then have a celebration with you, the BOHS staff, and your family. Watch for your name to be highlighted in our newsletter each month as you accomplish your goal.

Please fill out the Senior Survey form to help us gather the information.


Embrace the Climb Tickets

Mountaineers! We want to celebrate with you as you exemplify good student habits, progress in courses, recover from a setback, or persevere through a difficult task. As these things are noticed, teachers may present you with an "Embrace the Climb" ticket, either in person or virtually. Please bring the tickets to the office for a small treat and the ticket will be entered into a raffle for a larger prize at the end of each month. We look forward to recognizing your great efforts.


What is our Summit Award?

The Summit Award is given to seniors receiving their diplomas who have overcome obstacles in their lives on their journey towards graduation. These students have been assigned to one of our labs and have shown tenacity and grit as they work toward their goals. The students are given a cord at the Senior Awards ceremony to wear at graduation.