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How to BOHS

How to BOHS

Student Edition

How to BOHS

Start of Class Checklist


  • Log into Classlink and look for classes in both the Schoology and Buzz apps.
  • Complete the orientation folder and start Week Two assignments.
  • Watch for a Welcome Email from your teacher.

Helpful Tips:

  • Come see us! The BOHS lab is open Mon-Fri from 8 to 4. We have a place for you to work and teachers who can help you.
  • Do not wait on tech issues. If you have trouble logging in, please call 208-525-4466.
  • Progress is essential. Stay on at least the current week folder for the trimester.
  • Grades are updated every Wednesday. If you are marked absent in class, it is because you are behind in progress. After six absences, you will receive an LCA (loss of credit) for the course.
  • Many courses have a proctored final that is required to receive credit. All work must be completed before taking the final.
  • Do not submit blank assignments.


  • Teachers will post announcements and updates regularly in the classroom.
  • Check your email. Teachers will regularly email important information, feedback, and helpful tips. Reach out with questions or request a Google Meet.
  • Teachers leave feedback in the GRADES section. You can use that feedback to redo the assignment and help with learning.
  • When you share a Google Doc, make sure to share the document according to teacher requirements. Check your settings so that "anyone with the link can view it".