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Advanced Opportunities - Fast Track Program

D93 Students Earned over 13,000 College Credits in 2019-20!  Read more!


Fast Forward Participation Form - English

Fast Forward Participation Form - Spanish

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8th Grade Jump Start Summer School  


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Advanced Opportunities allow for students to individualize their high school learning plan to get a jump start on their future. These options include dual credit, technical competency credit, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate programs.

‘Advanced Opportunities: Get a Jumpstart on College!: Idaho’s Advanced Opportunities Program now allocates $4,125 to every student in grades 7-12 who attends an Idaho public school. The goal is to help students get a jumpstart on college.’ ‘Getting Started: How can students use their $4,125? The money can be used to pay for dual credit classes, which allow students to earn college credit while they’re still in high school. They also can pay for overload classes, AP exams, Professional Certifcations, and more.’ ‘Step 1: Sign the Fast Forward form. Students and their parents/guardians must sign the Fast Forward Participation form and turn it in to their counselor or Advanced Opportunities Coordinator in order to take advantage of the program. Signing the form indicates students/parents and / or guardians understand how the program works.’ ‘ Step 2: Create Your Account: Create an account with the Idaho Department of Education. Go to Bonneville Online website at and look for the link to Advanced Opportunites Portal.’ ‘Step 3: Meet with your Counselor: Middle school or high school counselors can help students create or review their 4, 5, or 6-year learning plan, which helps students prepare for the future. Reviewing options and intentionally selecting classes is a critical part of making sure students get the most out of the $4,125  available through the Fast Forward program.’ ‘Step 4: Register for classes, Exams, CTE Certifications. Students must sign up for courses, college credits, exams or certification tests during the first few weeks or each trimester. Registration dates vary by each university/ college granting college credit.’ ‘ Step 5: Apply for your money. Once students have registered for the courses at the university/ college they must apply for Advanced Opportunities money to pay for the credits, tests, etc.. To do that, students log into their Advanced Opportunities Account and complete a course or exam application.’ ‘Finish College and Career Ready’