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Paying for College

Money Jar clipartPaying for college is possible! Don't assume you can't afford to go to college. There are many resources available to help you pay for your education.

1) FAFSA- Free Application for Federal Student Aid
- Even if you think you will not qualify for free federal aid, this is an IMPORTANT step on your college journey. Every year you wish to attend college, you should apply for FAFSA (FAFSA opens on OCT 1st). Depending on your family's financial status, FAFSA can provide grants, work study opportunities, and student loans. Don't assume you will not qualify for any aid! There is over 150 Billion dollars available from the federal government each year. Also, colleges/ universities use your FAFSA application to determine if you qualify for institutional scholarships or state grants.



2) Work Study
Colleges/Universities pay the student to work on campus while attending school. If you are interested in a work study position, you must indicate this on your FAFSA (look, another important reason to complete FAFSA!). If you are approved for work study, you will be able to apply for certain on campus jobs that other students may not qualify for.

3) Scholarships
Scholarships, like grants, are free money for school that does not need to be paid back! Scholarships are usually based on unique criteria such as talent, achievement, financial need, etc. There are plenty of places to check for scholarships that you may qualify for-- Be sure to check frequently for updates:
Next Steps Idaho
-Idaho State Board of Education
-​College Board
- Check with the College/ University you plan on attending. Check their school website AND speak with an academic/ admissions advisor
- Check with your parents work - sometimes workplaces will offer scholarships/ tuition funding that also applies to dependents.
- Here are the Top 175 Scholarships across the nation
Idaho Community Foundation
- Looking to go to a college out of state? Check to see if they participate in the Western Undergraduate Exchange program


More Scholarship Opportunities:

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